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City of Lake Helen
City of Lake Helen
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Lake Helen, Florida 32744

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 Historic Preservation Board

MEETINGS   The Historic Preservation Board shall hold at least four meetings each year, but may hold additional meetings if deemed necessary. Each meeting shall have been previously noticed and shall be open to the public.

Lake Helen City Ordinance Article 34, 34.02.00 governs this Commission. Some of the Commission’s responsibilities include: 
Update the official inventory of historic properties and submit to the City Commission recommendations and documentation regarding proposed changes to the Historic Properties and neighborhood/Scenic Corridor Conservation Overlays when needed.

2.            Develop programs to stimulate public interest in neighborhood conservation, to participate in the adaptation of existing codes, ordinances, procedures, and programs to reflect urban neighborhood conservation policies and goals.

3.            Explore funding and grant sources and advise property owners concerning availability of such funds for identification, protection, enhancement, perpetuation, and use of historic, architectural, archaeological, and cultural resources.

4.            Cooperate with agencies of city, county, regional, state and federal governments in planning proposed and future projects to reflect historic preservation and neighborhood conservation concerns and policies, and assist in the development of proposed and future land use.

Advise property owners and other city agencies concerning the proper protection, maintenance, enhancement, and preservation of historic properties.

6.            Advise the City Commission concerning the effect of City actions on historic properties and neighborhoods.

7.            Provide written design guidelines to citizens and properly owners, as needed, to foster an understanding of the purposes of this Article.

8.            Approve, approve with conditions or deny petitions for Certificates of Appropriateness required under this Article.

9.            Notify the City Commission and Building Inspector when it appears that there has not been compliance with the historic preservation regulations of this Code.

Upcoming Agenda: 
    June 22, 2015

For Historic Preservation Board agendas or minutes, please contact:
Becky Witte
327 S. Lakeview Drive - PO Box 39
Lake Helen, Florida 32744

Phone: (386) 228-2358