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 Charter Review Committee

"Membership on a charter review committee is accepting responsibility for leadership in the most important single civic effort that any community can undertake. The duty of leadership is to find the highest attainable level of improvement, not just a token advance. Statesmanlike compromise is simply a means to this end."
Guide for Charter Commission, National League of Cities

City Commission created the Charter Review Committee on December 10, 2015.  The Charter Review Committee plans to submit a written report containing its recommendations to the City Commission by the May 2016 City Commission meeting.  The Charter Review Committee shall have the authority to select a Chairman and other officers as deemed necessary and shall establish a meeting schedule as it deems necessary and appropriate to properly review the City’s Charter and make a recommendation to the City Commission by May of 2016.  The City Commission can request the assistance of the City staff and City Attorney as deemed necessary to properly review and make recommended changes to the City Charter.

The City Commission appointed the following individuals to serve on the Charter Review Committee:
Mayor:                              Steve Gutshall
Commissioner Zone 1:       Ann Robbins
Commissioner Zone 2:       James Goodman
Commissioner Zone 3:       Rick Basso
Commissioner Zone 4:       James Connell

Expectations of the
Charter Review Committee

Purpose and Overview
The primary function of the charter review committee is to review the existing charter to determine if it will adequately serve the community well into the future. If necessary, the committee is to prepare a draft charter for the City of Lake Helen. The proposed charter will ultimately be reviewed by the City Commission for placement on the ballot for the voters of Lake Helen.

The committee must be impartial, non-biased, and free of any perceived political gain and may approach the task in whatever means results in a document that best serves the citizens of
Lake Helen.

In addition to adhering to the State of Florida Public Meetings law, the committee will strive to include the community beyond the requirements of the law. The City Commission encourages the committee to seek opportunities to educate the community about the process and purpose of a charter review, the importance of a city charter and to solicit community input.

It is the Commission’s experience that undertakings of this scope are best achieved within a set timeline during which committee members are focused on achieving the task in a timely manner. As such, the Commission requests that the committee submit a report at the May, 2016 Regular Meeting.



  Reference Material

Current City Charter

Forms of Municipal Government

Guide for Charter Commissions (National Civic League)

Model City Charter (Eighth Edition - National Civic League)

Council Manager Form of Government  (ICMA)


  Charter Review Committee Meetings

  January 13, 2016 - Charter Review Committee Meeting
(Introduction) at Hopkins Hall at 9:30AM 
Audio Minutes
  1/20/2016   Minutes
  1/27/2016   Minutes
  2/3/2016     Minutes
  2/10/2016   Minutes
  2/17/2016   Minutes
  2/24/2016   Minutes
  3/2/2016     Minutes
  Joint Workshop - March 9, 2016 at 10:00am       Minutes