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The City Administrator is responsible for coordinating the day-to-day operational activities of the various City departments. The City Administrator assists the City Commission in developing, and is responsible for implementing, City policies, procedures and projects. The City Administrator prepares the City Budget and acts as the City's Chief Financial Officer. The City Administrator also acts the City's Planning and Zoning Director.

City Administrator

Kent Cichon
(386) 228-2121
Fax: (386) 228-9714

Lake Helen City Hall
327 S. Lakeview Drive
Lake Helen, FL 32744

Publications:                                    Land Development Regulations
Comprehensive Plan                          Table of Contents         
Future Land Use                                Article1- General    
Future Land Use Map                        Article 2- Land Use
Gateway Corridor Standards              Article 3- Resource Protection
Gateway Corridor Map                      Article 3A- Floodplain Mangement
City Charter                                       Article 4- Development Design
                                                          Article 5- Improvement Standards
                                                          Article 6- Concurrency Management
                                                          Article 7- Accessory Structures & Uses
                                                          Article 8- Sign Regulations
                                                          Article 9- Operation Performance
                                                          Article 10- Boards and Commissions
                                                          Article 11- Development Plan Review
                                                          Article 12- Permits
                                                          Article 13- Nonconforming Use
                                                          Article 14- Adminitstration & Enforcement
                                                          Article 15- Building Regulations

City of Lake Helen
Ph: (386) 228-2121
P.O. Box 39
Lake Helen, FL 32744