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City of Lake Helen
City of Lake Helen
327 S. Lakeview Drive
PO Box 39
Lake Helen, Florida 32744

Phone: (386) 228-2121
Fax: (386) 228-9714


 City Attorney

Scott E. Simpson PA

Lake Helen City Hall
327 S. Lakeview Drive
PO Box 39
Lake Helen, FL 32744

The City Attorney is retained by the City Commission pursuant to the provisions of the City Charter.


The mission of the City Attorney is to provide excellent, prompt, practical, solution oriented legal advice to the City Commission, City staff, and boards and commissions of the City of Lake Helen. The City Attorney seeks to integrate the legal function with administrative and policy functions of the City in order to assist in achieving the City Commission’s objectives and goals for the citizens of the City.


The City Attorney performs the following essential functions as well as numerous others as needed:

Advises the City Commission, City advisory boards and commissions, and City staff on all legal issues that they face on daily basis in the complex area of municipal operations in Florida.

Represents the City Commission, City staff, and the City as an institution and organization either directly or through special counsel relationships before administrative bodies and before all courts in all litigation such as contract disputes, specialty municipal litigation, environmental, and elections matters.

Provides legal advice and drafts and array of legal instruments and documents affecting the legal rights and obligations of the City in a wide array of areas affecting the City.

Provides legal guidance as to the administration and enforcement of the City Code in matters such as contracts, code enforcement, and land use regulation; and otherwise administers the legal business of the City through managing legal services to assure excellent quality, responsiveness and value in performing legal work for the City.

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