Local Business Tax Receipts

Local Business Tax Receipts

All businesses and home occupations in the City of Lake Helen are required to have a current City of Lake Helen Business Tax Receipt. In addition to the local city tax, businesses will be required to obtain a Volusia County Business Tax Receipt. The tax year is from October 1 to September 30 of the following year. Renewal notices are mailed August 1 of each year.

Any business planning to open a new business or relocate an existing business is welcome to contact the Lake Helen City Hall for help with answers to questions regarding ordinances, zoning, Gateway Corridors, Historic Districts, architectural standards and any other factors which might impact your business.
Check list:

  1. If your business is regulated by a state agency, you must acquire that respective state license before a City Business Tax Receipt can be issued. Current copies of any pertinent state license will be required.
  2. Proof of Fictitious Name Registration or a written statement of exemption from Fictitious Name Registration is required per FS205.023.    http://dos.myflorida.com/sunbiz/
  3. If your business is located in Commercial zoning, Florida Law requires that all businesses using a septic tank system for sewage disposal obtain approval from the local health department any time that there is a change in the business owner, business type or a tenant. Septic tank systems are specifically sized based on the type of business that is connected to the system. Changes in business operations can increase the sewage flow, or change the sewage characteristics and that may cause premature septic system failure resulting in a sanitary nuisance and expensive repairs. Procedure for approval of existing septic systems and a copy of the required form can be found at www.volusiahealth.com or call (386) 822 -6250. Applications need to be submitted to the Volusia County Health Department 123 W. Indiana Blvd., DeLand, Florida. A copy of the approved existing septic tank system must be submitted with the Lake Helen Commercial Business Tax application
  4. All commercial buildings in the City of Lake Helen are subject to inspection by the Lake Helen Building Department and/or Volusia County Fire Marshall. After the inspections, those respective officials will inform you what needs to be done to bring your building up to code, if necessary.  Any additions, modifications or signage added to the site will require a Gateway Historic Style Review.
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