Code Compliance

Code Compliance

As a property owner or resident, you are aware of how the appearance of your property can impact the overall image of your street, neighborhood, and City as a whole. As a means of ensuring our neighborhoods are well-kept and in good condition, the City of Lake Helen Code of Ordinances specifies minimum standards for housing, yards, parking, etc. These standards protect property owners by ensuring neighboring properties will not be left to deteriorate and become unattractive.

Many residents are unaware of the City’s requirements pertaining to general property maintenance and zoning. This site has been developed to assist residents in understanding some of the City’s requirements and includes the most common code violations, a section advising residents how to bring their property up to code, and general tips and information pertaining to Code Violations and Code Compliance.

Code Compliance serves our community with compassion to:

  1. promote, protect and maintain the City’s historic character and small-town atmosphere;
  2. create and maintain a strong community image, identity and sense of place;
  3. create and maintain a positive visual ambiance for the community;
  4. provide for well-landscaped, scenic gateways to the City;
  5. enhance and sustain property values;
  6. promote a high degree of compatibility between surrounding structures and land uses;
  7. establish and promote a standard for quality design
  8. provide for enhanced public safety, roadway capacity, vehicular and non-vehicular movement functions; and
  9. foster civic pride and community spirit

Following are examples of some of the most common code violations:

  • Parking improperly
  • Inoperative motor vehicles stored on the property
  • Accumulation of trash and debris on the property
  • Overgrown weeds and grass
  • Doing construction-related work without a permit
  • Erecting signs in road right-of-ways
  • Operating a business without a city occupational

Code Compliance – Phone: (386) 228-2145


Special Magistrate Hearings:

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