Planning and Zoning

2035 Comprehensive Plan
Zoning Map
Future Land Use Map
Gateway Overlay Map
City Charter  

Land Development Code

Article 1 – Purpose and Intent
Article 2- Zoning
Article 3 – Advisory and Decision-Making Bodies and Persons
Article 4 – Accessory Uses and Structures
Article 5 – Building Permits, New Construction Design Specifications, Historic Preservation and Gateway Corridor
Article 6 – Nonconforming Situations
Article 7 – Environmental and Resource Protection
Article 8 – Landscaping and Tree Protection and Preservation Requirements
Article 9 – Easements, Utilities, Lighting, Water Conservation, Wells, Stormwater Management, Assessment
Article 10 – Floodplain Management
Article 11. Transportation and Improvement Standards
Article 12 – Level of Service (LOS) Concurrency Management
Article 13 – Administrative and Decision-Making Procedures
Article 14 – Site Development and Subdivision Regulations
Article 15 – Hearing Procedures, Appeals, Code Compliance and Enforcement, Violations, Penalties, Special Magistrate, Citations, Nuisance Abatement



To obtain parcel information please go to the Volusia County Appraiser’s web page.

Lake Helen Downtown Master Plan

City of Lake Helen (Western Area) Economic Development Plan Prepared by the East Central Florida Regional Planning Council and funded through the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

City of Lake Helen Vision Plan 
STUDIO 2014 Capstone MSURP Graduate Research Planning Project University of Central Florida