City Facility Rentals

Park Information & Facility Rentals
Hopkins Hall, Melissa Park Building, Shuffleboard Club Building and City Hall Conference Room are available for rent.  Pavilions are available at a first come, first serve basis.  Please contact (386) 228-2121 to learn more or to secure your reservation.

Facility Rentals Application

Asa Gray Park, 106 S. Euclid Avenue
Asa Gray Park is a private park, approximately 2.5 acres, and is owned by the Lake Helen Garden Club. You will find the park on the south side of Main Street sharing crossroads with two of Lake Helen’s historical churches. The park has a small pavilion and a meandering trail through diverse natural Florida vegetation. It is rented quite frequently for wedding ceremonies and is also used for picturesque photography backdrops during the spring blooming season.

Blake Park, 493 S. Lakeview Drive
Blake Park is a public park, approximately 5 acres.
Many annual community events are held in Blake Park including the City’s July 4th celebration; Easter Egg Hunt and Spring Carnival; Art Festival and Health Fair; Car Shows and Bicycle events.

The Lake Helen Police Department sits in the SW corner of the park (493 S. Lakeview Drive). To the east is the Decker’s Grill (offers conference room for rent); further east is the Boys & Girls Club (after school program sponsored by Volusia County); and on the SE corner is the Lake Helen tennis courts with 2 beautiful courts open to the public from dawn to dusk (as is the park).

North of the Police Department is the Shuffleboard Club Building offers a small meeting hall/kitchen with attached tournament size shuffleboard courts.

Centered to the east of Blake Park is a large pavilion, basketball courts and playground equipment for the children.  Picnic benches and outdoor grills are available.  For information regarding rental of the building facilities in the park call Lake Helen City Hall at 386-228-2121.

City Hall, 327 S. Lakeview Drive
Mark & Sheftall of Jacksonville designed this school, built in 1916 of Bond sandstone brick by Hanner Brothers of Orlando. Its initial cost was $12,500. The Prairie style school was named after Minerva Bond Long, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Bond. It closed in April of 1996 and was replaced by Volusia Pines Elementary School at another location. This building currently houses city hall.  The City Hall Conference Room is available for rent. For more information please contact 386-228-2358.

Lake Helen Equestrian Center, 321 Pleasant Street
Lake Helen’s Equestrian Center, approximately 5 acres, boasts a professional outdoor rodeo arena, announcer’s booth, spacious horse stalls, practice arena, public bathroom facilities, picnic area, exercise trail and playground. The playground/facilities/pavilion area and exercise trail was constructed as a multi-use trail system and trail-head to connect as part of the cross Florida trail system. The facilities, playground, practice arena, exercise trail and parking area are open to the public.  Information regarding rental of the arena facilities is available at Lake Helen City Hall 386-228-2358.

Lake Macy Park, Kicklighter Road
Lake Macy Park was improved and constructed through the efforts of the Lake Helen Parks & Recreation Department, Florida Recreational Assistance Environmental Grant, the City of Lake Helen, and many volunteers. The park possesses an extended, partially covered dock where you will find a few avid fisherman; a primitive boat launch; an educational trail, pointing out native vegetation; restroom facilities; playground and picnic area amenities. Sailboats, Rowboats, or boats with trolling motors only, are allowed on the lake. No jet skis, no cast netting, no swimming or diving, no wake zone.

Melissa Park, 450 W. Ohio Ave.
Melissa Park, is located at 450 Ohio Avenue and contains a small basketball court, playground equipment, horse shoe pits and picnic amenities. The hall, located at the north end of the park, has restroom facilities, a kitchen and meeting hall with an approximate 40 person occupancy.  Information regarding renting the Melissa Park building is available at Lake Helen City Hall 386-228-2358.

Mitchell Brothers Sports Complex, 321 Pleasant Street
Mitchell Brothers Sports Complex encompasses three baseball / softball fields and a practice field; viewing stands; announcers’ booth; concession stand; restroom facilities; and playground area. The City of Lake Helen Little League and surrounding city leagues use the fields on a continuous basis during the baseball season. On the east end of the complex is a wooded trail extending from Ohio Avenue to Kicklighter Road that is used by Volusia Pines Elementary school children, bicyclists and avid community trail walkers/hikers.

Royal Park, Michigan Ave.
Royal Park is located on the south end of lake Lake Helen. Presently, the park has a small pavilion with picnic amenities, restroom facilities, a small ‘band stand’ and a boat ramp. Future plans may encompass construction of a larger pavilion with attached walkway to a floating dock. Sailboats, Rowboats, or boats with trolling motors only, are allowed on the lake. No jet skis, no cast netting, no wake zone. The present pavilion has housed the celebration of many small, informal weddings and family gatherings.

Hopkins Hall, 192 Connecticut Avenue
Hopkins Hall was built in 1897 for use as a community center and library. The library later moved to another location. The community gathering place built with funds donated by Willard and Betsy Hopkins had already donated several books, and there was an understanding that a library would be established. Temporarily, they were kept in the home of Mrs. J.P. Mace, who acted as the librarian. After she died, an dowment fund was set up by Mrs. Hopkins’ son to maintain the library. The Village Improvement Association, which had formed in January of 1897, donated the community house to the town. It was formally named Hopkins Hall. Later, the library moved into a newer building across the street to the south.
This building features a fish-scale stamped tin roof and interesting window details. Information regarding rental of the arena facilities is available at Lake Helen City Hall 386-228-2358.

Facility Rental Rules
  1. Posters, decoration, etc. shall not be taped, tacked or affixed to walls, ceilings, doors or woodwork.
  2. Heavy objects must not be moved across the floors without adequate protection to the floor.There shall be no activities such as clog dancing, square dancing or other activities of a nature that would be damaging to the floor beyond normal wear.
  3. No alcoholic beverages allowed.
    At Hopkins Hall – the piano shall not be moved or used without City Hall consent. Leave cover on and do not place anything on top of the piano.
  4. The thermostat shall not be reset or tampered with.
  5. Facility and grounds are to be left clean (cleaning supplies are available)
  6. All floors must be swept and cleaned with a damp mop.
  7. If kitchen facility is used, the sink & appliances must be left clean; trash removed.
  8. Bathrooms must be left clean; trash removed.
    Chairs and tables must be wiped clean if necessary. Tables must be stacked top to top / bottom to bottom to prevent damage to the tables.
  9. Please stack chairs as carefully and neatly as possible.
  10. Check grounds around facility and remove any trash.
  11. Keys must be returned the morning of the next business day after facility use. The keys may be dropped in the City drop box located on Park Street on the south side of City Hall or returned to City Hall during business hours


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