Lake Helen Lakes – Reports

Preserving and maintaining our lakes is important, this can be accomplished with the persistent engagement and collaboration of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, St. Johns River Water Management District, our County & State elected officials as well as our citizens and advocacy groups.

The city of Lake Helen is part of LAKEWATCH.
LAKEWATCH is one of the largest volunteer lake monitoring programs in the nation.  To access LAKEWATCH Lake Helen Database CLICK HERE

Lake Helen lake, as part of the LAKEWATCH through The University of South Florida’s Water Institute, and the Florida Lake Management Society offers water quality information. CLICK HERE

Namesake “Lake Helen” lake is a very important body of water, it is a designated sentinel lake in central Florida. Sentinel lakes are a St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) established set of priority water bodies (lakes) for which minimum flows and levels (MFLs) are determined.  To access information about Lake Helen lake’s role in this report CLICK HERE

Lake Helen lake also plays a vital role in the St. Johns River Water Management District which works to preserve those areas of the middle basin. The district’s ongoing work includes implementation of selected environmental restoration projects, monitoring, modeling, and diagnostics and analysis. Information gathered in the course of the district’s work is used to design facilities needed to extract phosphorus from these water bodies. To learn more about Lake Helen lake’s role in the History of the Middle St. Johns River basin CLICK HERE

The city of Lake Helen is a district partner with St. Johns River Water Management District which is working to protect Florida’s water resources – one way is through its minimum flows and levels (MFLs) program.  Florida law (Chapter 373, Florida Statutes) requires Florida’s water management districts to establish MFLs for water courses, water bodies and aquifers.  MFLs are one of many effective tools used by the district to assist in making sound water management decisions and preventing significant adverse impacts due to water withdrawals.

Adopted MFLs are implemented through consumptive use permitting and water supply planning programs. A priority list and schedule for establishing MFLs is submitted annually to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, as required by law.

CLICK HERE to view SJRWMD adopted lake MFL’s includes Lake Helen lake

Water Management District SJRWMD
Name: Helen
System: Lake Helen
Waterbody Type: Lake
County: Volusia
Year Adopted: 1996
Rule Number: 40C-8.031(4)(ss)
MFL Status: Prevention
RPS Title: Volusia Strategy

Progressively Lake Helen lake was being overtaken by an invasive non-native plant called hydrilla (CLICK HERE for more info). The hydrilla has grown up from the bottom of the lake and has topped out at the surface, this invasion not only inhibits mobility of canoes on the surface but also blocks sunlight and displaces native plants below with its thick, dense surface mats. Stratification of the water column and decreased dissolved oxygen levels can lead to fish kills.

After consulting with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences – a plan to treat the hydrilla in Lake Helen Lake was initiated.

OTHER REPORTS and water treatment information:

Permit IPM-19-00127A – Mechanical and Hand Removal of Plant Material at Lake Helen Lake

Post for Lake – 05 21 2019 — no irrigation from Lake for 120 days

FWC Spray in May 2019 – Documents from Products Used  (posted on site and at City Hall)


Article on Exposure to glyphosate-based herbicides and risk for non-Hodgkinlymphoma: A meta-analysis and supporting evidence (from the November 14th Commission Meeting)