Our Lakes

Map of city of Lake Helen lakes.

This page provides information regarding city’s efforts in lake preservation and maintenance.

As the City’s name implies, there are numerous lakes in the City. It’s namesake lake: “Lake Helen” and Lake Macy are the largest lakes in the City, at 26 and 20 acres respectively, and the remaining lakes vary in size from a few acres to less than one acre in area.

Healthy lakes and their shores not only provide us with a number of environmental benefits but they influence our quality of life and they strengthen our economy.

Lakes also work to replenish groundwater, and preserve the biodiversity and habitat of the area.  Lakes are an ecological piece of our environmental puzzle -we all stand to benefit from this important resource.

Our lakes provide us with opportunities for recreation, tourism, and cottage or residential living.  Our namesake lake is respected for it’s historical value.

We respect our lakes as an important ecosystems that sustains a healthy balance of aquatic life, provide us with much enjoyment, and help support our socio-economic needs.  It is our responsibility to continue to practice stewardship in our lakes by keeping them healthy for all, especially those who depend on them.

Our namesake lake, Lake Helen is located at Royal Park – on Royal Park Road and E. Michigan Avenue. Presently, the park has a small pavilion with picnic amenities, restroom facilities, a small ‘band stand’ and a boat ramp. Sailboats, Rowboats, or boats with trolling motors only, are allowed on the lake. No jet skis, no cast netting, no wake zone. Traditionally Lake Helen lake has been the hub gathering for the 4th of July fireworks community viewing.    Future plans may encompass construction of a larger pavilion with attached walkway to a floating dock.

Lake Macy is located at Lake Macy Park on 142 W Kicklighter Rd. The park possesses an extended, partially covered dock, a boat launch; restroom facilities; playground and picnic area amenities. Sailboats, Rowboats, or boats with trolling motors only, are allowed on the lake. No jet skis, no cast netting, no wake zone.  South of Lake Macy is an educational trail- pointing out native vegetation.

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