Recent news about changes in the international recycling market have raised concerns about the city of Lake Helen’s curbside recycling program.

City of Lake Helen’s curbside recycling has not changed. Follow the recycling guidelines and keep recycling at home and at work. If changes occur in the future, we will let you know.

The City of Lake Helen wants to be part of the education effort currently underway to help everyone recycle smart. Here are a few pro-environment tips and commonly mistaken recyclable items. Share with your family, friends and neighbors, so we can all make our Mother Earth proud.

lake helen recycle


Recycle often,

Recycle right.

Our environment is something we create.

There is no “Planet B”.

Know before you throw! While recycling is the first step in the process, it’s important to put materials in the cart or bin that actually belong there. , working with , and the , have come up with a list of acceptable recycling items so people will know what can be accepted at any recycling facility in the United States.

recycle items cardboard plastic 1 and 2 aluminum newspapersThese are commonly mistaken items that CANNOT BE RECYCLED AT YOUR CURB.
Please don’t toss these in with your recycling bins.
recycling mistakes


recycling- more helpful tips wash bottles and when in doubt throw it in the trash


For more information about what can be recycled contact our local
waste service and recycling partner Waste Pro –
click on image below to visit their website.